Trademark Registration

Five things you need to know about trade mark registrations:

  • Types: Trade marks come in many different forms (see: What is a Trademark?).
  • Advantages: There are many advantages associated with registering your trade mark (see: Advantages of Registering TMs).
  • Process: There are a number of steps involved in registering your trade mark (Click here to learn more).
  • Timing: It is important to act as quickly as possible, because any delay can make it much more difficult (i.e. more expensive and more time consuming) to register your trade mark successfully (See: The benefits of registering early).
  • Engage professionals: Don’t be fooled into thinking that applying for a trade mark is just about filling in a form (see: Reasons why you shouldn’t apply for a trademark yourself).

Five reasons to choose Magnum IP for your trade mark registrations

  • We’re experienced IP lawyers. Your application will be drafted by an experienced intellectual property lawyer, and not by a paralegal.
  • We give a considered, tailored service. We take time to understand your business and your objectives – the exact opposite of the “tick the boxes” and “file while you´re on the phone” approach.
  • We can help to enforce your rights.  We offer litigation services, and can help you to enforce your rights if necessary.  When we draft your application, we keep in mind both the need to register your trade mark, and the need to secure strong, enforceable rights.
  • We can help you go overseas. We can advise on your options for securing trade mark protection overseas, which in many cases can dovetail into your Australian trade mark strategy.
  • We give fixed fee quotations.  At Magnum IP® the days of the “billable hour” and estimates” are long gone.  Before we do any work for you, we will provide you with a fixed fee quotation, which means that you’ll never be surprised by an invoice from us.