IP Resources

What you’ll find here

We offer a selection resources which will help you to understand, and even handle different intellectual property issues. Quite a few of these resources are free, and some require payment. Here you’ll find:

  • IP-related agreements and templates
  • IP fact sheets
  • IP check lists
  • IP working sheets (to help you work through problems)

The resources are divided into the following areas of law:

Why we do it – emulating chefs

Our core values include being human, open and approachable. For us, this includes being open with information. We think that this will help to give you a sense of who we are and what we do, and may also help you to get information which is useful.

In their New York Times Best Selling book “Rework“, the guys over at 37signals call this “emulating famous chefs” who “share everything they know” by first cooking and then writing recipe books. This website is our cookbook.